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From the Editor


The journey over the past 4 years of living out my dream of developing a non-profit nurse advocacy association has been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and exciting. I have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with nurses who are so compassionate about their practice and the nursing profession. Nurses who have worked diligently without breaks or food, witnessed miracles of recovery and birth, cried tears of agony and joy, and who are endlessly dedicated to the patients they serve. Unfortunately, nurses are also hurting, scared, and frustrated with the systems that are broken, processes that are ineffective, and services that are frequently under-sourced. Nurse Advocacy Association is committed to sharing the stories of nurses, providing systems for open and honest dialogue, and the resources to work toward a better tomorrow. I am so excited about the opportunity to serve the community of nurses around the country and in their communities. We are nurses who have a desire and passion to support our fellow nurses and to advocate for our profession as healthcare professionals.

Janet Henriksen, PhD, MBA, BSN, RN
President/Founder/CEO Nurse Advocacy Association